In the farm

-Visit the farm yourself and tasting

-Guidate tour

-Picnic in the farm

The visit of the farm can be appreciated by people of all ages with a internal path:
From the little ones who can see the various animals on the farm and interact with them, or learn about nature by seeing artificial shelters and not some wild animals;
From those who want to see how we produce what we eat, perhaps by embarking on a new experience by becoming farmers for a day;
From nature lovers who will have the opportunity to take beautiful walks;
I also recommend the visit to those who feel the need to recreate a harmony with themselves, you sit under the weeping willow at the edge of the pond, looking at the horizon with the background of the soft sounds of nature and relax … an infallible remedy, especially for digital-detox.

You can spend beautiful and tranquility days in  using picnic area with the whole family, eating genuine snacks or testing excellent home-made products.