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The Farm - Agricoltura Naturale Giorgetti
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The Farm

The farm is set in breathtaking scenery, a pristine place at the foot of Montefalco.
From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of Assisi, Foligno and Spello with Mount Subasio that frames.
Around our plots there are wooded areas and natural areas that contribute to maintaining a natural balance and promote biodiversity. It is not uncommon to be able to see while you are in silence some wild animal that walks around it undisturbed, or a pair of buzzards that nest in the area and whirl around to read.
The farm covers 6 hectares merged together, plus another 6 hectares in various areas that are used for fodder and cereals. All plots are surrounded by natural hedges and large native trees important for wildlife, along the perimeter of the farm is left a border of 2 meters with herbs and wild flowers and to remain in the area many useful insects and for our bees. The 450 olive trees produce an excellent etra virgin oil with a strong but not too aggressive flavor, under which various animals graze in rotation to keep weeds at bay. This method allows us not to damage the structure of the soil too much, entering the field only once with the means for the chopping of herbs and pruning residues, plus the various animals with their dejections fertilize the soil enriching it with microorganisms and bacteria. The bee drink the nectar of the fruit trees planted in a mixed way in the plot where free-range hens are choked for the production of extra-fresh eggs, and the other trees scattered throughout the farm, are of ancient native varieties. The oldest trees are cherry, walnut, fig, apricot, some apple and pear trees, recently many other trees have been planted with particular attention to the last two species. Two horses Willy and Indy in addition to carefree grazing give us a hand in the work of the land and in making visitors live wonderful experiences in the carriage. As in all the old farms a small flock of sheep could not be missing to cut the grass and fertilize the fields. Gina the cinta senese piglet of reproduction as well as being cuddled affectionately, run carefree with her little ones. Ducks and geese wash themselves happily in their pond, and Molly the border-collie along with some kittens will follow you incessantly looking for cuddles. A small family vineyard and a small vegetable garden complete the whole.

Certified organic farm.