The farm was born with my grandfather Alfredo who bought the first farm lands in 1940, his main productions were olive oil and some varieties of fruit he sold to local markets. In addition to the breeding of some cows with which the soil was worked at the time, the animals bred were a pig and some hens used for the family. Over time, the company passed on to my father who continued to cultivate the land with passion and passing on his teachings. And finally I came to modify, revive and expand the whole. My idea of ​​conduct the farm is different from the usual rules, must be first of all closed-cycle, and provides for the use of biodynamic products to improve soil fertility and plant resistance, important step to then move to a ‘ natural agriculture. Decoctions and infusions of vegetable origin are used to improve the soil and the resistance of the crops. The association of various plant species and the symbiosis of these with animal species are the foundations for a balanced business ecosystem that is based on respect for biodiversity. For three years I have been using horses for soil tillage, thus limiting its compaction, CO² emissions, and the exit of resources from the company. The main crops are olive groves for the production of extra-virgin olive oil, where horses and sheep graze, ancient fruits of different species where free hens, which produce excellent eggs, bees for pollination and honey, and finally a small vegetable garden the whole. An important branch of the farm is that related to tourism, I like to make our customers unique experiences in contact with nature through various activities or thanks to the carriage rides pulled by our horses.


I wait you!!

Emanuele Giorgetti