The result of my sacrifices and my passion

As in the past, there are many natural products that are “created” on the farm, with a variable quantity every year, but always of excellent quality. Many customers who find the flavors and aromas of the past in my products, this is a source of great satisfaction for me.

Nothing is left to chance

The main products of the farm are: Oil, Honey, Eggs, Poultry, Fruits and vegetables.


Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

The fruits of the olive groves cultivated with natural methods, are harvested at the right ripeness using pneumatic hands, and other machinery to guarantee healthy and clean olives already in the first phase. The milling, within 12 hours of harvest, is done cold metod in continuous cycle mills to best preserve the organoleptic characteristics and prevent oxidation. The varieties of autochthonous olives used are: Frantoiano, Leccino and a part of Moraiolo. The resulting oil has an intense, fragrant taste and a very low acidity, not strong. With mild filtration there are no residues but the aromas are not lost. This oil is ideal for bread, meat, fish, and used raw on soups.

From bees

Insects very important for the ecosystem, unfortunately increasingly in difficulty due to pollution and damage to biodiversity. I only harvest a thousand flowers honey, the healthiest as bees transmit the properties of all the plants they visit. The passion for bees was handed down to me by my maternal grandfather Renato, and I continue to breed them with his own passion. In addition to honey, we also produce an excellent hazelnut cream and honey, A thousand flowers honey and stone-ground hazelnuts, a mouth-watering combination.

From December 2019 we launched the ADOPT A HIVE initiative, to ensure that you too can contribute to the protection of this small insect so important for life on earth, and taste the fruit of their work.



Da quest’anno è iniziata una priccola produzione di nicchia di salumi con le ricette di famiglia che ci tramandiamo, e senza usare nulla di diverso dal sale vino pepe e carne. Quello che si ottiene è un gusto vero autentico conferito alla carne anche dal metedo di allevamento semibrado di animali felici, nati e cresciuti in fattoria con un’alimentazione naturale.

Other products

Extra fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables and chicken are available at different times of the year. Come and discover them.