The Farm


The farm is located in a beautiful area near the center of Montefalco, an unspoiled place where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful view of Assisi, Foligno and Spello with Mount Subasio as a frame.

Around our land there are wooded and natural areas that contribute to maintaining a natural balance and promote biodiversity. It is not difficoult to see in the silence some wild animal that wanders around undisturbed, or a pair of buzzards that nest in the area and twirl lightly.


The farm was born with my grandfather Alfredo who bought the first land in 1940, its main productions were oil olives and some varieties of fruit that it sold to local markets. In addition to one cows with whose the land was worked, the animals raised were a pig and a few hens used for the family. After my grandfather Alfredo, the farm passed to my father who continued to cultivate with passion teaching me many things. And now there are I to modify and transform the organic farm into a natural farm.
The farm is 7 hectares all together, plus another 4 hectares in various areas which are used for fodder and cereals. All the land is surrounded by natural hedges, big autochthonous trees and wild flowers important for bees, for wild animals and useful insects. My idea for the farm is different, a low impact on the environment and respect for natural cycles, involves the use of biodynamic products to improve soil fertility and plant resistance, an important step to then move on to a natural agriculture. Decoctions and mulching of vegetable origin are used to improve the soil and for some problems of the crops. The combination of various plant species and the symbiosis of these with animal species are the foundations for a balanced corporate ecosystem that has the basis of respecting biodiversity.

The 450 olive trees of different varietes produce an excellent oil with a good smell but not too strong flavor. Under the olive trees various animals eat the grass in rotation to clean the soil. This method makes it possible not to damage the soil structure by entering the field only once with the means to clean the soil, thus limiting CO² emissions. In the natural farm, the animals with their poop feed the soil. The bees carefree suck the nectar of the fruit trees of ancient varieties, the hens are free for the production of extra-fresh eggs. There are several heirloom tree of cherry, walnut, figs, apricot, some apple and pear trees, almost centuries old that my grandfather had already planted. The two quarter horses Willy and Indy in addition to grazing carefree give us a hand in the tillage and in making visitors live magnificent experiences in a carriage. As in all old farms, a small flock of sheep could not be missing. Gina the Cinta Senese sow lives happily with her piglets. Ducks and geese bathe happily in their pond, and Molly the border collie together with some kittens will follow you in search of cuddles. A small family vineyard and a vegetable garden finish it all.

An important branch of the farm is linked to tourism, I like to make our customers live unique experiences in contact with nature through various proposals.

Certified Biololgic Company.